Monday, 18 August 2014

Rio De Janeiro Skyline by DB Artist

Rio De Janeiro Skyline Christ The Redeemer - Slate
by Brain Caminiti


Rio de Janeiro Brazil Skyline Christ the Redeemer with a slate background. Each of these prints in this series can be customized by changing the background color. IMPORTANT: Please contact me for color change before ordering. Use this link to see the color palate:

Please Click On The Picture Links Below For More Information:

Skyline Series Color Chart


Change any of the Skyline Series backgrounds by selecting a color from this chart. IMPORTANT: Please contact me for color change before ordering.

About DB Artist:

Brothers, Dean Caminiti and Brian Caminiti pursue their art in a wide diversity of media including print, wood, glass and electronics. Their work melds creativity with craftsmanship, forging new concepts from both unusual and traditional materials. Using their wide range of skills; Dean, having a background as a cabinetmaker, cinematographer, filmmaker, architectural illustrator and model maker, Brian, bringing his skills as a painter, cartoonist, sculptor and illustrator, they both continue to create uniquely definitive works of art.

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Palatine, IL - United States

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